Facebook cover picI was born in 1952, which makes me slightly younger than The Crone Club members and somewhat behind the age of the “hippy.” However, I was profoundly inspired by the ideals of the times.

Most of the characters of The Crone Club are parts of me that have been given free rein to be themselves. Like Cass, the protagonist of the first book of the series, I had a difficult relationship with my first husband. Like the bookish Alison, I came from a working class background and attended a Secondary Modern school, before transferring to a Grammar School to take my A levels. I also developed strong feminist beliefs at university in the 70s. Like the nomadic George, I have travelled abroad, teaching English as a Foreign Language. I have also become something of a heavy weight over the years, so I can empathise with her struggle with the loss of her looks. Despite being a teacher, I don’t really share Mary’s need to control, but I can identify with the way she keeps charity and old-fashioned notions of service at the core of her values. I have to admit that I share the twins’ mischievous streak and raucous sense of humour. The only character you’ll noticed I don’t lay claim to is Bambi. I have to admit that she originally grew out of the need to provide a fairy godmother, but there is much more to Bambi than that, as both this book and future books in the series will show.

Having said all of this I cannot alone take the credit for The Crone Club. I could not have completed it without the collaboration of my husband, Vince. Our pen name S. V. Peddle actually stands for Sandra and Vince Peddle.

If you have read the book and wish to talk to me about it you can e-mail me at: author@svpeddle.co.uk


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