Boomer Lit Friday (Excerpt 3)

Boomer Lit Friday is a project by a Goodreads group to introduce readers to works of fiction of particular interest to Baby Boomers. These books feature characters in their fifties and sixties dealing with real life issues. Every Friday the Boomer Lit Friday Blog lists a selection of short, relevant excerpts for readers to enjoy.car3
I have been sharing excerpts from The Crone Club.  Everyone seemed to like the arrival of the car last week so I thought I would treat you to Frank’s reaction on seeing it for the first time.

“Frank yanked his dressing gown back on, pushed past Cass and strode towards the bedroom windows, which gave a view of the front drive. He whisked back the curtains, then gave a hoot of outrage: “Hell’s teeth! What in God’s name is that?”
Cass rushed to the window and saw, parked on their drive, an old Citroen 2C, gaudily painted in retro-60s, gaudy, multi-coloured psychedelia. Frank gave another curse, then closed the curtains hastily.
“Tell that – that hippie to get her repellent object out of my drive now!” he shouted, while Cass gazed at him anxiously. “The neighbours will think we’re all on drugs…”


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  1. I remember those psychedelic paint jobs! I love Frank’s reaction to seeing a hippie-mobile in his driveway.

  2. That made me laugh! Good one!

  3. Loved the pace of the scene. Left me wanting to read more. Nicely done!

  4. Brings back memories. I never painted any of my bugs, but I wanted to.

  5. Fun scene, but I’m not sure I like Frank …

    • You are already beginning to understand what Frank is about and getting a glimmer of the relationship between him and Cass. Basically she has to grow a backbone and stand up to her husband of 40+ years.

  6. I like the interrupted curse that – that hippee, Great reaction.

  7. What the neighbors thinks seems to be the least of their problems! Good scene.

  8. Great scene, I really enjoyed it – yes Cass has a problem on her hands, this guy Frank sounds like he’s really bad news!

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