Boomer Lit Friday (Excerpt 2)

We are participating in Boomer Lit Friday.

Boomer Lit Friday is a project by a Goodreads group to introduce readers to works of fiction of particular interest to Baby Boomers. These books feature characters in their fifties and sixties dealing with real life issues. Every Friday the Boomer Lit Friday Blog lists a selection of short, relevant excerpts for readers to enjoy.car3
I have had a lot of kind comments about the opening of The Crone Club which I shared for last week’s blog hop. Thank you one and all. Several people wanted to know what happens next, so I thought I would continue this week with more from further on in Chapter 1.

As Cass tried to ease herself into sleep, the sound of a car engine began to intrude on her fitful dreams. In the silent streets the vehicle could be heard approaching from some distance away. It was an old-fashioned engine, which did not purr politely like modern cars, but made a flatulent roar that could wake up the whole neighbourhood. Cass looked anxiously in the direction of Frank’s bed, but he just snorted in his sleep. A growing suspicion that this car was coming straight to her door was confirmed when, a few minutes later, there was a brief flash of headlights through the curtains, followed by a screech of brakes outside, the slam of a car door and a ring on the doorbell.


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  1. ” It was an old-fashioned engine, which did not purr politely like modern cars, but made a flatulent roar that could wake up the whole neighbourhood.” That made me laugh out loud. Good choice.

  2. Really enjoying this. flatulent roar…very funny. Nicely done.

  3. I love the “flatulent roar.” Nice description – it pulled me into the moment.

  4. Well, I certainly want to know who’s at the door! Well written.

  5. A great writer can create a mood in a paragaph, and you’ve done that! Nicely done!

  6. Oh, oh…here comes trouble. Nicely done passage.

  7. Yes, I must admit, I laughed at the “flatulent roar” as well! You’ve painted quite a vivid picture here – great job!

  8. And I did as well (laugh at flatulent roar). This is a great excerpt and we even get the slightest hint about Frank… (no spoilers, I’ve read the book!)

  9. Great description of the old car. I love the way you build suspense too. Can’t wait to see who’s ringing the doorbell.

  10. We all love that flatulent car.

  11. Big flatulent trouble coming up next? This is fun, I’ve got to get the book!

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