Boomer Lit Friday (excerpt 1)

We are participating in Boomer Lit Friday.

Boomer Lit Friday is a project by a Goodreads group to introduce readers to works of fiction of particular interest to Baby Boomers. These books feature characters in their fifties and sixties dealing with real life issues. Every Friday the Boomer Lit Friday Blog will list a selection of short, relevant excerpts for readers to enjoy.

This is an excerpt from the very beginning of The Crone Club:

The Crone Club Cover Final“So what have you achieved in your life, then?” Susan asked. Her sharp profile seemed poised almost to stab at Mary across the dinner table. “Come on, dear. Tell us all about your wonderful achievements.”
Cass looked on in guilty silence, despising herself for not speaking out. She wanted to defend Mary, but lacked the nerve. Susan’s sneering voice reminded her of all the bullying she had suffered at school and she felt like a self conscious, awkward teenager once again; the ‘fatty’ of the class. So she stayed silent, just like the rest of the table, and wished again that her old friend George would turn up. George would have given her the courage to stand up to Susan.

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  1. Goodness. sounds like a delightful bunch!

  2. A great scene — so believable. It’s amazing how certain situations can cause us to revert to old behaviors and insecurities, isn’t it?

    • Thank you Sandra.
      I am so glad you think this works as it is the very beginning of the book and therefore sets up the characters and the situation.

  3. It’s an interesting concept, The Crone Club. It will be good to see how you develop it.

    • Thank you John.
      Each of the six characters will have their own book taking the story further.
      Crone Club Mayhem should be available in late May.


  4. Well, I sure can relate to this snippet! I was the “fatty” for years and it was awful! For a LONG time people could still push that sensitive button. You described those emotions very well. Nicely done! Looking forward to reading about your very real characters more!

  5. Nicely done. Most everyone has experienced a scene like at once in their lives…such an uncomfortable feeling and you’ve captured it well.

    • Thanks Claude. It is really important that this works as it sets up Cass – the central character of this book – and her problem (i.e. she needs to grow a backbone.) Each of The Crone Club books will continue the story with a different central character.

  6. Wow, that Susan is scary – we’ve all met bullies just like her: great characterization, well done!

  7. The Crone Club sounds intriguing! You have whetted my appetite for more.

  8. This is a good hook. It really establishes the personalities of all the characters.

  9. I hope Cass doesn’t need a man to give her some backbone. Waiting to see what happens next.

    • Now if I tell you that each of the characters are a little bit of me gone wild and just like Alison I am an old feminist, what do you think happens with Cass?

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