Does Boomer Lit have the potential to save the book trade?

I added this comment to the Boomer Lit discussions on Goodreads today:

According to an article in the Independent newspaper today “more than 400 bookshops closed in 2012, seven times more than the year before. There are now fewer than 2,000 bookshops in the country, less than half the number of seven years ago. Ebook sales doubled last year, to £261m, while physical book sales fell from £1.51bn in 2012, down from £1.59bn in 2011.” The article ends by making a comparison with the music industry.

It is not mentioned in this article, but the music industry tends to rely a lot these days on its back catalogues, rather than on promoting new and therefore risky genres. It seems to me that is similar to how, at present, literary agents and publishers alike seem to be ignoring Boomer Lit. In fact it seems that they had rather go for ‘Young Adult.’ This is strange as we Boomers are an enormous demographic – now making up around a 29% of the U.S. population and 15% of the UK population – and are far more likely to be found browsing in bookshops than buying e-books. Is it me, or are they missing a really good business opportunity?


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