Cass’s wedding song

I have attached here Cass’s secular wedding song.  The words have been written recently, but Vince wrote the music many years ago. It was sung at our own wedding 25 years ago, with different words, by Vince’s uncle who was a member of the BBC Synphony Chorus.
 It seems to me that there is a real need for wedding music which is not overtly religious.  We try here to celebrate the circle of family and friends “blessing” the happy couple as well as themselves, in that wonderful epitomy of peace, love and hope for the future that a wedding represents for the whole group.

You are very welcome to download and use our Wedding Song if you wish. The lyrics and music are below:

Wedding Song (from The Crone Club by S. V. Peddle)
Wedding Song
Click on the link for the music.

Come, my friends, let’s celebrate
Now that love is here to stay.
Even when it seems quite late.
Love is never far away.
Though it may be hard to find.
Absent from the heart and mind,
Love must always have its day.

Sing this message to the sky.
All the world should hear the call
Friends and soulmates must unite.
Like the couple in this hall.
Married now, in tender peace,
Vowing love that will not cease,
Their love will unite us all.


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