The Crone Club by S. V. Peddle

When Cass attends a reunion of her old class-mates she has no idea that her life is about to be changed forever. She only accepted the invitation in the faint hope of seeing her best friend George again and finally discovering why she vanished so completely on the last day of school. Unfortunately George does not turn up and as Cass waits in vain, she soon wishes that she’d stayed away too, especially when her other friends start boasting about the interesting things they’ve done over the years. With increasing shame Cass realises that her adult life has been a dull one: forty years of wasted talented and unhappy marriage to an abusive husband, without a single achievement, or even a mildly exciting experience to talk about. Feeling uneasy in the company of her old friends, she prays that no-one will ask her what happened to the old Cass, that promising musician who left school so full of energy and ambition in the ’60s.
But Cass finds out why George suddenly disappeared all those years ago and it makes her angry enough to walk out on her husband and boring old life forever. She embarks on a challenging new life with the friends she had known in her schooldays, a time when life was still exciting and her dreams were fresh.
Re-united, Cass and her friends form themselves into the Crone Club, in which each of them pledges to recover and realise the dreams and aspirations of their youth. Nothing is going to stop these women having fun and not a single one of them has any intention of ‘acting her age.’
The Crone club can be bought on amazon as a paperback and as a e-book (Kindle version.)

Visit the Crone Club website:


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